Kenneth's Partner Letter Archive - Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Since 1986, each month without fail, Kenneth Copeland has personally written a letter to his Partners, sharing the latest insights and revelation the Lord has shown him. Use this archive to read his latest letter, as well as research past letters that will charge your faith. 

December 2017

It's Never Too Late!

Praying is vitally important, but praise is even more important, especially at midnight—the midnight hour of needing a healing miracle, or the darkest hour of a deep financial problem. It’s time to load the “NUCLEAR WEAPON” of our warfare: praising and dancing before the High Priest of our tithe and The LORD of the harvest. HIS NAME IS JESUS. He is our heavenly Banker. He is our heavenly Physician. He is our heavenly Advocate or Attorney. HE IS THE HEAD, WE ARE HIS BODY! Is there anything too hard for Him? No! A thousand times no! Then it’s time for you and me, and all the rest of us, to act like it and turn everything, I mean everything, including the financial part of our lives, over to Him.

November 2017

Raised Up To Sit with Him!

          In the heart and mind of the Father, He not only raised Jesus up to that place at His right hand of authority, He raised us up, you and me, to sit with Him at the right hand of Jesus on the throne of grace. It isimperative for every born-again believer to know and fully understand what Jesus said in Matthew 28:18: “All power [or authority] is given unto me in heaven and in earth.” Then He said, “You go.” Isn’t that wonderful?

He immediately delegated the authority given to Him in earth to His Body—His fullness.

October 2017

Faith Filled Words Created all Matter

We live in a word-created, word-upheld, word-dominated environment. No one can change that. We can, however, change the words under which we live. Jesus said in Matthew 12:34 that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

September 2017

The Perfect Law of Liberty

        It is IMPOSSIBLE to please God without faith. Romans 4:16 is very clear why. Grace is His desire to treat you and me as if sin had never happened. Faith is the substance, the divine connector to things hoped for.  Acting on The WORD of God is to your faith what exercise is to your muscles. Both the spirit man and the natural body’s development depend directly on time and effort. NO ONE can develop the physical body on a sugar-filled diet and no exercise. NO ONE! No one can develop strong faith on a diet of secular TV.

August 2017

Four Ways to Absolute Victory!

Have you taken your medicine today?  Proverbs 4:20-22, Your victory is in your mouth, but so is your defeat. It’s not up to Jesus. He has done His part and is standing ready as your High Priest to back His wordsin your mouth. This is the victory that overcomes the world, EVEN OUR FAITH! Put The WORD in your ears, eyes, heart and mouth. The victory belongs to you.

July 2017

Never Give Up and Never Quit

Faith works! The WORD works! But they only work when they are put to work. It's knowledge acted on that brings results-that and never, ever giving up.

June 2017

Receive the Love

          Believe the mercy that endures forever according to Mark 11:22. I believe it in my heart and I say it with my mouth: “GOD, WHO IS LOVE, loves me. I am born of LOVE, who is God. His LOVE has been shed abroad in my heart by the Holy Spirit, who is THE SPIRIT OF LOVE (Romans 5:5). Jesus, THE SON OF LOVE, went to hell so I don’t have to go. LOVE DID THAT FOR ME!”

May 2017

I Want You Well and I Want You Free!

          Everything Jesus did was the will of the Father who sent Him. Has God the Father changed? No. If it was His will then for all to be healed, it is His will now for you to be healed. When? Now! Right now.

March 2017

The Joy of The Lord is Our Strength!

“Get your house in order,” which simply means to get ready for The LORD to manifest Himself. Pray in the spirit more. Make yourself available to be a witness, lay hands on the sick, etc., anytime, anywhere He needs you. You are a born-again, Holy Spirit-baptized believer. Expect the gifts of the Spirit to flow through you—especially gifts of healings, working of miracles and special faith.

February 2017

The Glory is Here!

The glory appeared in the old covenant, and great things happened, but we’re living under a better covenant with better promises. Whether we physically see the glory cloud or not, He’s showing Himself alive in ways of which we’ve only dreamed. Matthew 15:30-31 is at hand—BIG TIME!

January 2017

Jesus Our Wisdom. Jesus Our Source!

Jesus, The WORD of GOD, is the wisdom of God and He is alive in every born-again believer! Every new creature in Christ Jesus has the great wisdom tree of life living on the inside of his or her reborn spirit. Victory in Christ Jesus is only a faith confession and action on The WORD of His promise away.